Week 1 - The Art of Chindōgu: Curious Devices
Chindōgu is a Japanese word for strange inventions that aren’t very useful. But they aren’t exactly useless either – call them “unuseless”... like umbrellas for your shoes. Explore this strange art and the many things that go into turning an idea into reality!
June 24 - June 28

Week 2 - Taste the Rainbow!
Taste the rainbow! NOT Skittles! We’re talking about the rainbow of fruits and vegetables. Learn more about these colors and what they mean. Learn how to prepare meals while being mindful of color and food arrangement.
July 1 - July 3 & 5

Week 3 - Beneath the Surface: The Dig
“The sound of clanking shovels fills the air. Stop! We found it.” Dive into the rest of this tale as you become an archeologist. Use tools to unearth and reconstruct pieces of history. Practice the art of Kintsugi – joining together broken pottery.
July 8 - July 12

Week 4 - The Science of Sound: Making Waves
Did you know we’re sailing in a gigantic ocean of sound waves everyday? Some of the sounds even come from our own bodies. Join us as we dive in deeper to explore and compare different types of sound waves and exciting ways to make them!
July 15 - July 19

Week 5 - The Great STEAM Challenge 2019
Do you have what it takes to help your team reach victory? You will need focus and teamwork as you tackle challenging STEAM projects, including: marble mazes, gravity-powered cars and a race to see who can build the tallest structure!
July 22 - July 26

Week 6 - Designer Slime
It’s slime time! Get ready to roll up your sleeves, squish and squeeze. We’re going to start with a basic slime recipe and then blast into the slimeosphere. Figure out what happens when certain ingredients interact with each other!
July 29 - August 2
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Week 7 - Maker Lab: The World of Harry Potter
Board the Hogwarts Express. Dive into the magical world of the great wizard, Harry Potter! Crafting. Oozing and bubbly chemical reactions. Ornithology. Astronomy. Have fun exploring these and many other things. Which House is yours?
August 5 - August 9
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Week 8 - Crazy Kitchen Concoctions: Transformers
Shape, decorate and play! Explore how to transform everyday kitchen items into plastic-like materials. Observe incredible chemical reactions. Make your own unique soap mold to form a soap bar that looks as good as it smells!
August 12 - August 16

Week 9 - You Can Build It: Bridges
Arch. Beam. Suspension. These are just a few types of bridges found around the world. We’ll research these bridges and more as campers build their own ways from point A to point B. Can you guide a truck with increasingly heavy cargo across your bridge?
August 19 - August 23
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Week 10 - Beneath the Surface: Streams to Oceans
We are like stones thrown into a pond. Our splash sends ripples in all directions. Our streams eventually run into our oceans. We’ll examine samples from local bodies of water and discuss conservation. We’ll also look inside a real sea creature!
August 26 - August 30
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