STEAM and Beyond

At Camp IO, children ages 5-12 have fun with hands-on science activities and making cool things. They take a look at how everyday objects work and the world around them. Each day, campers switch their outer science tools for a yoga mat and learn about the inner science of yoga. They learn about fun and easy ways to stay healthy and harmonize their bodies, minds and energy to decrease stress, increase endurance and improve focus.

Camp IO offers children a safe, fun, encouraging and enriching environment to learn and practice the inner science of yoga and the outer science of STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Math).

“Hands-on” means that your child can engage the five senses when learning. Research shows that more information is retained when learning is active and participant-based. Camp IO is an exciting and engaging way for children to learn, be enriched and interact in a mindful way with the world around them.

Camp IO was created by Antoinette Murray (Murray Educational Services), Joseph Murray and Valencia Wood (SoilSound). Together, they provide an exceptional hands-on science and yoga experience. In addition to Camp IO, they offer programs in public and private schools and conduct workshops for children and adults in Howard County, Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Washington, DC and Virginia.

A special thank you from a parent of a camper (Summer 2015)

A special thank you from a parent of a camper (Summer 2015)