Inner + Outer

IO Workshop - Mélong Ling is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Our mission is to educate, cultivate creativity and rediscover clarity through yoga, art and science.

Inner science is the art and science of yoga, which consists of motion, mindfulness and meditation. Yoga is the practice of harmonizing body, mind and energy. Through this harmony, we are able to better abide in peace within ourselves and therefore with the world around us. Programs are offered for children and adults. For specific information on our adult yoga programs, please visit Mélong Ling.

Outer science is hands-on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM). These are the tools that help build and shape the physical world we live in.

We offer children a safe, fun, encouraging and enriching environment to learn and practice the outer science of engineering and the inner science of yoga. All of our activities combine inquiry-based learning with the STEAM initiative in mind.

“Hands-on” means that your child can engage the five senses when learning. Research shows that more information is retained when learning is active and participant-based. Camp IO is an exciting and engaging way for children to learn, be enriched and interact in a mindful way with the world around them.

These inner and outer sciences compliment each other. In fact, they have a synergistic effect. Research shows that the practice of yoga, specifically mindfulness and meditation enhances our work and increases productivity. Mindfulness has been adopted by public schools and the world’s most powerful technology companies with excellent results. The physical practice of yoga is utilized by NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL teams in addition to newcomers and advanced yogis in classrooms, gyms, bedrooms, and yoga studios around the world.


Howard County Public School System Partner