Week 1 - Makers’ Bootcamp

Everyone is a maker! Learn new skills and sharpen older ones, as you create a variety of exciting projects. Sketch, cut, tape and glue, while incorporating focus, teamwork and time-management. Experience the fun and joy of making! (June 25 - June 29) | $330

Week 2 - Attack of the Germs

Ah choo! Does someone need a tissue? What are the things we can use to prevent germs from spreading in the first place? Explore these questions and more through fun and interesting experiments. Become a germ fighter! (July 2-3 & July 5-6) | $265

Special Guest: Amy Skaggs of the Howard County Health Department

Week 3 - The Science of Sound: Make Some Noise!

Modify, play and tinker with ordinary objects to create some not so ordinary sounds. Learn the difference between digital and analog audio. Uncover the importance of sound and how it can be used for mindfulness and meditation. (July 9 - July 13) | $330

Special Guest: Quiet Hours with an Electronic Music Demonstration

Week 4 - Let’s Juice!

You don’t like eating your veggies? How about drinking your veggies? Discover the importance of fruits and vegetables. Learn how to blend them into incredibly delicious juices and smoothies! Try a different recipe daily and create your own! (July 16 - July 20) | $330

Special Guest: TBA

Week 5 - Forensics: Case of the Lost Skull

Someone has left an animal skull stuffed with cash outside a school! Who could have left it there? Use microscopes and other scientific instruments to analyze fingerprints, blood, fiber, hair, and imprints. Can you solve the case? (July 23 - July 27) | $330

Special Guest: Howard County Police Department

Week 6 - Crazy Kitchen Concoctions: Food Hacking

Did you know that “rotten” foods can be tasty and are super good for you? Have you ever cooked food without a fire, microwave or oven? Explore the answers to these questions and more while challenging your taste buds! (July 30 - August 3) | $330

Special Guest: TBA

Week 7 - Air Power: The Pressure’s On!

Air can spin a turbine to produce electricity or come in the form of a dangerous tornado or hurricane. It’s all around us, and we can use it in fascinating ways. Have a real blast, as you learn how to harness the power of air! (August 6 - August 10) | $330

Special Guest: TBA

Week 8 - Trash to Treasure

Is it a cardboard tube, a rocket, or a telescope? One person’s trash can be another person’s treasure… or art! Challenge your brain by looking at common objects in new ways. Expect a few scientific surprises along the way! (August 13 - August 17) | $330

Special Guest: TBA

Week 9 - It’s Electric: Electromagnetism

Take magnetism to another level with the help of electricity! See how and why these two get along so well. Power-up a thing or two and set objects in motion and cause them to levitate and spin like magic. (August 20 - August 24) | $330

Special Guest: TBA

Week 10 - Cinema Science: Stop Motion Animation

Lights. Camera. Action! You are the writers, directors, producers, set designers, and more. Learn the history and details of the stop motion animation technique. Construct a miniature movie set to make your own short film! (August 27 - August 31) | $330